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Bid Process Overview - Q&A

Q. What is the first step?
A. Complete the Registration form available on and accept the terms of the Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement by clicking where indicated on Once you log on, you will have access to the bid forms and due diligence materials for all locations.

Q. If I am interested in a specific for-sale property, can I buy it now?
A. No, all for-sale properties are being moved through the bid process with the bid due dates indicated for each individual property.

Q. If I want to acquire several properties or all of those available, can I submit a single bid?
A. No, a party interested in multiple sites must submit separate bids for each individual property.

Q. How can I get information on a specific property?
A. Once you register and log on, you will have access to the detailed information provided by the seller.

Q. How do I submit a bid?
A. Submit the Purchase and Sale Agreement (Contract Document) and Escrow Agreement provided for each property on

Q. Will the properties be sold with personal property or artwork?
A. Personal property (including artwork) is not included in the sale. At seller’s discretion, personal property may be available for bid to the buyer.

Q. What is your commission policy?
A. All properties are being marketed net of buyer broker commission. Each buyer will be responsible for compensating their own broker if applicable.

Q. How are closing costs handled?
A. The title commitment, survey and Phase I Environmental Site Assessment will be recertified directly to the buyer. The initial and recertification costs for the title commitment, survey and environmental reports, along with any brokerage commissions due buyer’s agent, will be charged to the buyer at closing.

Q. Once a contract is executed, how is closing scheduled?
A. Seller determines the closing date. Closing shall be on a date determined by the Seller which shall be no less than 30 days after the banking center located on the Property closes for business.

Q. How soon can I open a bank in a location?
A. Restrictions related to banks will be handled on a case by case basis.

Q. How can I inspect the location?
A. Most, if not all, of the listed locations are still operating banking centers. Interested parties MUST make a property specific Appointment Request (by clicking on the link provided within information for each property) available on to request an inspection appointment.


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